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L4R Walls Editor Pro

Splitting walls has never been this easy

Single payment - Life Membership - 50 €

Free trial version available now​

Connected with Autodesk® Revit®

It creates independent walls for each layer.

More accurate projects

It will allow you to obtain more precise measurements.

Undo and redo actions

It will allow you to return to the original walls at any time.

Work faster

It also includes options to change the height of each layer and select walls quickly.


If you want to obtain the original walls back before the split operation, you can use the option “undo last wall split”. This can be done all at once, in small groups or one by one. If you encounter any difficulties when reversing the splitting operation, try doing it in small groups.

If it doesn’t let you add more wall subtypes, it’s because it has already reached the maximum number of layers.

If you want to select the exterior walls using the “smart wall selection”, make sure you are in a floor plan and not in a 3D view.

READY TO USEL4R Walls Editor Pro?

Free trial version available now​

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