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The technology to improve construction site safety

Improving Construction Site Safety

Keeping workers safe around moving machinery

Analyse the
occurred alerts

Thanks to the data collected, necessary actions can be taken to avoid future risks.

Easy-to-use and implement

Thanks to the magnetic system, it will work with any machinery.

Adaptable to different sectors

Fully applicable for mining, logistics, automotive and more.

How Safework operates

We place antennas on the machinery and workers wear tags

Thanks to the UWV technology the system knows the exact position of machinery and workers

In situations of risk, the devices issue alerts to workers

Why implement SAFEWORK

Solution not linked to any brand

Adaptable with any machinery

Easy to implement and display

360° machinery follow-up

Easy set-up of zones and alerts

High accuracy, thanks to the UWB technology

Detection range up to 20 metres

Long battery life

Contact us if you want to
know more about SafeWork

Developed in collaboration with:

Pilot and validation tests carried out by:

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