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L4R Family Legend Creator

Creating legends for floor plans has never been this fast

Single payment - Life Membership - 30 €

Connected with Revit

It creates images of each element in the selected category.

Plans ready to be printed

Legends will be included in the selected plan sheet.

Work faster

It saves the settings by default to create legends even faster.


If you want to change the fields of the schedule, follow the directions shown in the gif.

In order to adjust the views in the titleblock, the dimensions of this will be estimated. We advise you to use a type of titleblock like the one shown in the gif, which contains a frame surrounding the views. If you have different ones, use the Revit ones and proceed to change them quickly.

We recommend you always leave the image fields established, because thanks to this, we are able to create the components schedule shown in the floor plan. If you don’t want this to appear, you can easily hide it from Revit once it has been created.

Legend Creator?

Single payment - Life Membership - 30 €

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