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Optimized financial decisions with AI

At LURTIS, we innovate by applying AI to the financial sector.

We develop intra-day trading models for NASDAQ, predictive cryptocurrency trading strategies, and real estate asset value predictions.
Our goal is to revolutionize the field of financial analysis by providing a wide range of information-source-leveraging strategies and forecasting models that redefine the way markets and financial scenarios are analyzed. This encourages more careful and informed decision-making.

How can we assist you?

At LURTIS, we will design AI-based solutions tailored to your specific needs. We can address the new challenges faced by the financial sector.
Our customized solutions improve the effectiveness of your financial business or project by empowering autonomous proactive decision-making and setback mitigation. Our approach finds problems that the human eye might miss, saving money and time while improving performance and viability in the financial sphere.

Success cases

Let’s discuss your project

Share your requirements and a representative will follow up to discuss how Lurtis can help you.

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